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Solar Hot Water FAQs (click + to view)
Q.  Why install a solar hot water system?
A.  Because it can reduce your electric or propane bill up to 40 %.
Q.  What types of solar water heaters are there?
A.  There are two types, Passive and Active.
Q.  What are the differences between the two?
A.  Passive Systems operate with no moving parts and have much longer warranties than Active Systems. The warranty on our Solahart Passive System is 10 Years, Parts and Labor. Active Systems have a 5 year limited warranty on the Tank and Panels, with no labor allowance after the 1st year, and the pump and controller are warranted for only 2 years.
Q.  Is there are problem with weight on the roof in a passive system?
A.  Not at all, our systems are installed using a structural engineer to approve the location of the system. We have installed over 5000 systems on the Big Island, without a problem.
Q.  What is the cost of a solar water heater?
A.  Typically after Federal and State tax credits you can have a solar heater installed for about $2000.00 with a payback on utility savings of less than 3 years.


Solar Pool Heating FAQs
Q.  Why use solar as a means of heating my swimming pool?
A.  Because gas or electricity is not cost effective at all.
Q.  How is a pool solar heater cost effective?
A.  Because pool temperature for many months of the year in Hawaii make the pool unusable and a gas or electric heater can cost over $1000 per month, a pool solar heater can do the same thing and be completely paid for in less than one year with the savings.
Q.  How many panels are required?
A.  Our Heliocol Pool Panels are specific to solar pool heating. It will depend on the size of your pool and the desired temperature during the coldest months of the year. Rule of thumb is to install about 80% of the surface area of the pool in Heliocol Pool Panels.
Q.  What if I don’t have enough roof space for pool panels?
A.  Many times the panels can be mounted on an attractive ground mount if you have room on your property to accommodate the area required for enough square footage of collectors


Solar Electric Systems FAQs
Q.  Why install a Photovoltaic Electric System?
A.  Because it can eliminate your electric bill.
Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  It depends on your electric usage, sun zone, and your budget.
Q.  Are there financial incentives to install my system?
A.  Yes, there are Federal Tax Credits of 35% and State Tax Credits of 35% of the cost of your system.
Q.  How does the system work?
A.  When the sun shines on your PV Panels it generates electricity which is wired into your Helco electric meter which spins it in reverse, thus dropping your kilowatt hours used. The more kilowatts generated, the lower your bill.
Q.  What is the payback on my investment?
A.  After Federal and State Tax Credits, a typical payback is about 8 years. Then your electricity is free!


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