Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems are Simple and Efficient

Active Solar Thermal SystemSolahart Solar Hot WaterSolar Hot Water Heaters are very simple. The technology is referred to as Solar Thermal. It is much like sitting in your car with the windows up in a hot parking lot with no AC on. It gets hot!

We install 2 types of Solar Hot Water Systems, Active or Passive. The Active System, or commonly called a pump system has flat collectors on the roof, a storage tank located below in a garage, or storage area. In order for the hot water produced in the collectors to get to the tank, it requires a small pump and a differential controller to dictate when the pump runs. This system has moving parts, varying warranties, and is somewhat less efficient than a Passive System.

Passive Solar Thermal SystemPassive Systems have no moving parts and only one warranty. 10 Years parts & 5 Years labor! The Insulated & Lined tank sits on the roof above the collectors. Hot water rises. Cold water falls. It is a simple principal of physics that enables this type of system to work. It is also referred to as a Thermo-syphon system.

We are the distributors for Solahart Passive Systems, the largest selling solar system in the world. Since 1977 we have installed over 6000 on the Big Island and some are still in service that are over 25 years old.

We also would be happy to install an Active system or Passive system on your home depending on your home & your preference.


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Warranty Comparisons:

Passive Systems Active Systems
Tank 10 years parts & 5 years labor Tank 6 years
Panels 10 years parts & 5 years labor Panels 10 years 5 years labor
Pump NO PUMP Pump 2 years
Delta T NO DELTA T Controller Delta T 1 year
“No Moving Parts” “Moving Parts”

***Tanks on active system have only a “one year” labor warranty!



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