Legend of the Solar Dog

An Icon in the Big Island Community

Solar DogIn a time where all solar companies sound the same, it became apparent to Hawaiian Solar, that “image was everything.” With the birth of Solar Dog aka “Blue Bloom,” in the early 90’s, this dog became our leader not only in the field but off.

He was blessed with special powers beyond normal canines. His presence and appearance were unique to all that crossed his path. We knew he was bound for greatness and soon became an Icon in the Big Island Community.

Solar Dog logged over a quarter of a million miles in 11 years, accompanying the Solahart Installation Crew to over 2500 solar installations on all four corners of The Big Island. Needless to say, his reputation preceded himself. At the arrival to a new job, it was most common for the homeowner to ask, “Where’s Solar Dog” He was always welcomed like a celebrity. He was photographed, videotaped, and given toys and treats. Solar Dog soon became the most well known dog on the Island.

His favorite pastime was to give back to the community and more so the animal shelter where he was rescued. Therefore, Pet Day was established in 1994 and an event brought over 0ne thousand people to The Hawaii Island Humane Society for a day of free food, music, and fun. But, the most good that came from that day was a record 26 animals were adopted, both dogs and cats. The next year was even bigger, with the help of Hualalai Resort teaming up with Hawaiian Solar as a co-sponsor, the shelter was active with animal contests, and the winner even won a FREESolahart Hot Water System, installed on their home.

Through the years, Solar Dog was featured In the Kamehameha Day Parade, the Ironman and Christmas Parades. In addition he made frequent trips to The Life Care Center Convalescent Hospital to share his wisdom with the seniors. His favorite stop was in the Alzheimer’s ward where that extra sensitivity and ability to communicate with others shined.
Not too many companies experience more than the capitalistic side of a business. At Hawaiian Solar, we received much more than that!

Through the years, Solar Dog made friends, both human and canine, and even some feline, as the general publicwould bring their children to the store to meet him. He was also a “fixture” at the French Bakery in the Old Industrial for many years. He was invited into multi-million dollar homes just as a celebrity would be, and was given a Gold Certificate of Achievement from the Hawaii County Council in 1995 for the donation of a Solahart Solar Heater to the Kona Animal Shelter.

“Blue” by those who new him well, made a conventional business, into a super interesting community based organization.


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