Solar Pool Heating Systems

The Simple and Cost Effective Way to Heat Your Swimming Pool

Heliocol Solar Pool HeatingSolar Pool Heating is a simple and cost effective way to heat your swimming pool and make it usable all year round!

Typically you want to have at least 80% of the surface area of the pool in solar pool collectors. Sometimes roof space becomes an issue and it usually requires more collector area than many people realize.

We usually use the same pump that is cleaning your pool to heat it. That means no extra electricity is required. The pump moves the water through the collectors at a regulated rate and you then have a pool you can use in February that would otherwise be nothing more than an expensive “water feature”.

We use Heliocol pool collectors. There are several manufacturers of collectors. Heliocol are the most efficient, best looking, and have a 12 year warranty, the longest in the industry.

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You Would Swim More If Your Pool Weren't Freezing?

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