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I initially contacted Hawaiian Solar about installing a Photovoltaic (PV) system and Cyndy Dyal the Sales Manager convinced me that I should install a solar water heater first as this would reduce my HELCO bill by about 30% because solar hot water is 4 times more efficient than PV technology . We proceeded with installing the Solahart 80 gallon system and my electricity bill actually dropped by more than 35% which was a huge saving of $120 a month. The really fantastic thing about this was that I now needed far fewer PV panels to zero out my HELCO bill which meant my PV quote was reduced by several thousand dollars.

We then went ahead with the PV installation that has taken care of the balance of the electricity bill. The very best thing about all of this is that I benefitted from the state and federal tax credits on both of the solar hot water AND the PV installations.

Ginger Jacobson

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Thank you Hawaiian Solar, Your installers came out to my house and replaced my electric water heater with a shiny new Solahart that beautifully matched the color of my roof. We replaced the 9 year old active solar water heater that had sprung a leak and flooded our garage. Your crew completed the whole installation in one day and took away the old rusty tank and panels. My wife and I are so happy because we now have more space in the garage where the old water heater used to stand to store our golf clubs ☺

Sherman Cooke

Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Dear Mr. Bloom,

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to your crew that installed my new Solahart. They arrived on time, removed my old water heater and were finished in less than six hours. They were exceptionally polite and Joey the foreman explained how everything worked to my husband and me before leaving.

Phyllis White

Waimea, Hawaii

To whom it may concern:

Our home above the little village of Kailua-Kona has suffered some staggering electric bills over the past several years. Sometimes for more than eight hundred dollars for the month. So we employed Hawaiian Solar to come galloping in on their white horse, panels in hand and put up a solar installation. Boy are we glad we did!! The first months bill after the installation was…..are you ready….???? $21.00 which is some sort of minimum HELCO charge for hookup.

Hawaiian Solar put the installation in with a minimum of fuss and the installers were most cordial. One last point is that Hawaiian Solar took care of all the paperwork and even found a solution to a potential snag that would have limited the size of the system. We are happy campers!!! Let the SUN shine!!!

Len Hill

Kona, Hawaii

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