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Excellent Solar Hot Water, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Electricity Products and Services

Easy Solar Systems Installation on Your Property

Hawaiian Solar installs solar hot water and pool heating systems on residential and comercial properties.
We are a locally owned and operated business in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.
Count on us to always have the equipment in stock so you don’t have to wait before the actual installation.

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What We Offer

We sell and install solar heating systems from the brands, Solahart and Heliocol. Regardless of what you need, you have a 10-year parts and labor warranty with Solahart and 12 years with Heliocol products. Hawaiian Solar offers customized installations depending on your home or business needs.

This simple technology is also referred to as Solar Thermal. Imagine that you’re in a hot parking lot while sitting in your car with the windows closed. Solar Water Heating is very similar to that.

Get a simple and cost-effective way to heat your pool! This method allows you to relax in warm water all year round.

Photovoltaic modules will convert sunlight into 24 volt DC power to 110 volt AC power.

Our Certifications and Licenses

Hawaiian Solar is fully licensed and insured to operate across the State of Hawaii.
Here is a list of our licenses:

  • License # C17629
  • C37 Plumbing Contractor
  • C61 Solar Contractor
  • C13 Electrical Contractor

Trusted by Many

We have installed more than 6000 systems for residential and commercial property owners.
Because we have satisfied many clients through our work, we have been voted “The Best of West Hawaii” 15 years.


With more than 43 years in the industry, we are able to recognize and meet your needs. We encourage you to consult our team for a better client experience. Once you call our office, you will be answered and accommodated by our friendly staff.

Home of the Solar Dog

The Solar Dog aka “Blue Bloom” has been the image of our company since the early ‘90s. He accompanied the Solahart installation crew to more than 2500 jobs, making him the most iconic dog on the Big Island.

Connect With Us

If you have any inquiries regarding sales, service, or technical problems, please get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you! Our office in manned by real Human Beings. No answering machines!